6 Stay Home and Get Ahead MUSTS!

At a time where “stay home” and “work from home” have become the norm.....

we are all faced with both an opportunity and a choice. We can relax and lean into the circumstances, or we can use this time to keep moving forward in preparation for what lies ahead. As a business owner, I’m taking the opportunity to fill this time with things that will continue to move us forward..

Time for "messy bun, get stuff done".....

These are my 6 Stay Home and Get Ahead Musts for KN:

#1 - Clean Up

Ok, you may be thinking closets and garages here, and you’re kind of right. Cleaning up your spaces can be a huge part of sparking productivity and inspiring the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality, but I’m also talking about all the administrative items that you put to the side for the “more important” items each day.

Administrative things can weigh heavily as they continue to pile up. This can include action items such as simply updating information, cancelling all those subscriptions you don't use, emails, emails, emails, or following up on questions that need answering. In the normal flow of things, these just aren’t the most important actions of most days or weeks, but we're definitely not in the normal flow of things.

So, start making a list (or consolidate the ones you already have) and get ready to start marking them as complete…...and when you're done….there’s always the closet. 😉

#2 - Plan

In this time of uncertainty, don’t be tempted to “wait and see” what’s going to happen before you start planning your next steps. I am planning for KN in spite of the uncertainty. Don’t confuse this with ignoring the circumstances - these are two totally different things. I'm planning based on what I know and trying to think of pivots as those circumstances change…..and I’ve realized something…..this is what we ALWAYS do anyway.

We may be able to clearly identify uncertainty in these times, but in reality, isn't there always a level of uncertainty? We never know if an offer will succeed or fail, or if a new style will be as loved as we expected it to be, and we just have to pivot. So, I’m going to keep on planning, taking the circumstances into account and with the knowledge that we WILL have to be prepared to adjust. Plan, pivot, repeat….

#3 - Network

Staying home doesn’t have to mean isolation. This is the beauty of social media. There are networks and connections that can be made that don’t require face to face opportunities. No matter what you're looking for to discuss, there's a forum for it.

Now, more than ever people are spending the time to connect and provide free information. Have you seen it? From celebrities doing impromptu concerts on Instagram, to fitness programs that usually cost $ being offered for FREE, or at a low cost.

This time has increased people’s availability and therefore opened up possibilities for a lot of information sharing even with people that are usually hard to reach. 

I wanted to make sure we were doing our part, so I finally opened our FREE FB group, Klassy Network The Community, that we’ve been wanting to create (one of our clean up items btw) ✔️….and it’s been amazing! We’ve been able to share our insights and BTS strategies during these unprecedented times with a great response!

There's nothing quite like a community (virtual or otherwise) to inspire, support, and get information directly from people that have walked ahead of you. We are so excited about the possibilities of expanding our network.

It's open to all (yes, guys too) Join here, and come along with us on our journey!


#4 - Learn Something New

As more and more people create resources online, our ability to learn from masters has exponentially increased in recent years. The platforms are there just waiting to be filled and utilized. You have invaluable learning material literally at your fingertips. All you have to do is decide what skill you want to learn or refine, find a master and their resources and consume, consume, consume.

There’s not much more to say on this other than there just isn’t an excuse not to be learning all the time. I encourage you to Plan some learning opportunities and work through them if you have some downtime right now, and don’t get stuck thinking “courses” are the only way. I’ve learned insane amounts of things I’ve implemented in my own business from podcasts and free resources. Do a quick search, you’ll be amazed at what you find.

#5 - Practice

All this networking and learning is only information overload if you don’t use and practice it, right? I used to be an information collector, until I realized that on the other side of the information gathering, there must be practice..where you take that knowledge and actually apply it. It’s the action part. Without action, knowledge has no power.

So as you learn from the communities you are a part of, the podcasts you subscribe to, and the courses you take, work on applying the concepts and skills that you know will benefit you the most. As you put these things into practice, you'll realize what works for you and what doesn’t, and maybe you can end up being the one sharing your experiences with others as well.

When I started this journey just two short years ago, I never thought that I'd be running a group and giving my knowledge to others this soon. It really is a “pay it forward” moment for me, and it feels damn good!

#6 - Take Care of YOU!

I feel like I always end with some version of this tip/point/takeaway even when I speak in person, and it is because you cannot hear it enough!  So, this is probably the most important one....not to be cliche and "save the best for last", but you really can’t do all the other things without being healthy and balanced.

This is not as easy as it sounds, I'm the first to admit that, but it is something you have to Practice every day. I make sure I'm exercising, eating as well as possible (minus a large influx of cookies at the beginning of this Stay At Home journey..shhh), and keeping myself as positive as possible.

How? By focusing on all the other things I suggested above. Keeping busy is important, planning when you aren’t sure what’s going to happen is calming, and staying connected is absolutely critical right now.

We’re all in this together. DM me @itsnatalierogers  if you want to chat about your business, or just tell me how you're implementing these 6 Get Ahead tips. I love to hear from you!

P.S. If you’re on screen time overload right now, check out our blue light glasses collections. They saved me at one point (read my personal story here)...just paying it forward!

Take Care of YOU! Until next time…


Natalie, Founder & CEO of Klassy Network

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