It's Personal: The Path to My First Product & The Fear I Overcame


Let’s get personal.

Klassy Network founder, Natalie Rogers, started the Klassy Network because of her own personal experience. Now, she's passionate about sharing her product story, helping others on their business journeys, and getting REAL about what she had to overcome to get where she is today.

Overcoming The Fear

Natalie says, “Growing up, I was never the kid that raised her hand in class. It was fear of judgment that paralyzed me from wanting the spotlight on me."

You may not believe this is the same person that started her first business at the age of 18 and eventually became the face of her own ecommerce brand.

She makes showing up on Instagram every day to provide business tips and a BTS glimpse at the life of a young female entrepreneur look easy, but she didn’t start out confident and bold. It took serious reflection and a shift in mindset to make her the woman she is today.

When Natalie started her first business, it required her to be in the forefront, to be “the boss” with all eyes on her. She realized, as she struggled with her visible role as a leader, that she had experienced these same struggles throughout her entire young life.

She reflected on the time she dropped out of chorus because she didn’t want to be on stage in front of everyone, as well as the time she declined the position of Captain of her soccer team just so she wouldn’t have to feel as though people were perceiving her as “bossy” (now, proudly, the name of one of her blue light glasses frames). She knew that these pivotal events were proof that she had held herself back all along.

She explains, “I knew I had the right answer in class, that I enjoyed singing in chorus, and that I could be a good leader of my soccer team. I never doubted my capabilities. I just feared the perception and judgment of others.”


“My passion collided with my fear and I had no other choice than to work through the barriers I was creating for myself, get tunnel vision, and focus on my business!”

Natalie’s passion for being an entrepreneur and desire to continue to follow her dreams, meant that she was going to have to face all of those insecurities from the past, dig deep, and get REAL with herself and she finally did…..

The result…..the Klassy Network

The KN Product Story

After fighting off the insecurity and doubts, the judgment and fear, she was left with pure determination (another name of one of her fav blue light frames btw). She wanted to build a network of other women she could share her experiences with, but she was battling with some issues she still couldn't shake. This time, they were physical.....headaches, loss of sleep, and lower productivity.

Spending so much screen time building her first business and creating the Klassy Network, she started feeling the effects of too much blue light exposure. “I had no idea that exposure to blue light caused any of these symptoms, but once I found out, I started looking for a solution."

But, it wasn't that easy. She wanted stylish blue light glasses, and at the time, there weren't any that she found that would ship in less than a month. That's when she realized that she had found a product she really wanted to sell.

Natalie continues, "Our first product was completely authentic and born out of my own experience. Because of that, I'm even more passionate about the glasses we sell."

Since that time, each KN product launched, aims to have a purpose and solve a problem. Even if it's not wanting to wear a bra with EVERYTHING! (umm, yes, to the KN Brami!)

So, now, the Klassy Network is a network that shares advice about building the business and life that you want, along with a thriving product company that launches products with a purpose.

"It's been a crazy ride, but honestly, it's really just begun. I can't wait to see where we can take this next," Natalie concludes with a smile.

Stay Tuned and Stay Klassy....

The Klassy Network - Where Fashion Meets Function

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