Self Care is NOT Selfish: 3 Self Care MUSTS

“Self Care” has definitely become a buzz phrase these days, but it is more than just a hashtag or a trendy idea, it is truly a MUST!

That’s right, YOU are the most important thing in your life. If you aren’t operating at the highest level possible, you are cheating yourself and others. Yes, others. You may feel like this self-care stuff is a SELFish idea, but we, at Klassy Network believe that it is actually the opposite of selfish and we aren’t afraid to say it:

Self-care is SELFless.

You are part of the fabric of this world, and therefore, your health and well-being directly impact others. This isn’t a dramatic overstatement; it is just plain truth. So, what can you do to make sure you are showing up as the best version of you?

Keep these 3 Self-Care MUSTS on your to do lists!

#1 -Take Time Out

One of the most important things you can do to refresh and recharge is to take time away from the things that cause you the most stress, or mental/physical energy….is to take time out and get away.

Are you thinking any or all of the following? "I don’t have time to step away. I don’t have the money for a vacation. What would I even do?" Easy for you to say. If so, then you may need to reimagine what “time out” really means.

Taking time out can mean:

  • Taking short meaningful breaks where you disconnect and refresh. These things will be personal to you. What refreshes you that can be done in less than an hour? This may take a minute to remember if you haven’t been practicing time out.
  • Technology breaks. Sometimes technology takes over every aspect of our lives. Shutting down and going offline is the best way to disconnect and relax. Info overload is a real thing! If you can't seem to step away from your screen, make sure you are taking care of your eyes by wearing blue light blocking glasses.
  • Shutting down earlier than usual. If you can’t find pockets of time during the day to step away, winding down earlier than usual can suffice. Choose a night time routine that replenishes after a long day. Click here to read our blog about nighttime routine.

Depending on your life and schedule, your time out can mean anything from a 15 minute meditation break at your desk (or car), to a weekend away where you leave it all behind. Choose something today that can give you the break you need.

Getting things done will make you feel successful. You know you LOVE checking things off your list - this is a HUGE confidence booster!


#2 - Feed Your Soul

Don’t let this be passed off as just another self-care cliche. Feeding your soul is extremely important to your well-being.

What things make you feel most authentically you? It could be an art, a sport, a place, or any other thing that you do that makes you forget about everything else while you're doing it.

As we journey through life, we often let go of some of the things we did that really enriched our lives when we were young. As soon as career and other responsibilities step to the forefront, we think we need to give up those things if they are no longer the largest parts of our lives. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, it is necessary that you stay connected to things that really make you feel like YOU!

If you loved writing poetry, grab a cute journal and write some poems about your NOW. If you played sports, find a local option, or a gym that can remind you of that competitive feeling.

But what if work feeds your soul?

Yes, it’s ok if it is work-related. Permission granted. If you happen to be living your dream and working in a field that is your absolute passion, you are ahead of the game, but we know what can happen. You can get lost in the business of business and step away from the things that really fed your soul.

Take a quick assessment of where you are spending your time in your business. If you have gotten away from some of those “fun”, soul-nourishing things, plan to dive back in. It doesn’t have to be daily, or weekly, but make sure you are still in touch with the things that feed your soul!

#3 - Focus On Your Health

Ultimately, self-care is about your health, both mentally and physically. After all, your health impacts every area of your life. If you are not healthy, you are unable to truly thrive. The basics of foundational health like eating well, exercising, and working on your mindset, cannot be dismissed.

As a society, we are busy, but we should never be too busy to take care of our minds and bodies. They are the instruments in which everything else plays out!

There are too many variables to identify the exact health focus you should have as an individual, but starting with the basics applies to everyone no matter what your situation.

Eating well. What we put in our bodies is key to how we will feel. If this is something that you need to change or shift in your life, don’t overwhelm yourself. Start in small ways to change the way you eat and gradually build healthy habits that last.

Exercising. There are numerous ways to exercise and move our bodies even while standing/sitting at our desks. Movement is life and finding the exercise (indoors or outdoors) that will get you moving, is a key part that contributes to your overall health.

Mindset. There is tons of content at our fingertips that supports healthy mindsets and how to achieve them. The way you think is the way you live. So, this one is a big one!

Note: We know that health is individual and unique to each of you. Part of this aspect of self-care is knowing what you may need to change, monitor, or enhance. Take time to find the correct resources to make health a priority wherever you are right now!

These self-care musts will impact you and those around you.

Be SELFless and take care of YOU!


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