3 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Still need to find a Valentine's Day gift for your bestie or your partner? The good news is that there are some great last minute options that they'll LOVE!

Flowers, chocolate, and a nice dinner may be the traditional go-tos for V-Day, but if you want give something that reminds them over and over how much you love and appreciate them, you may want to add one of these items to your gift list. We just don't believe that loving and appreciating someone should be reserved for only one day. Do you?

These are also some great last minute options!

1. A Subscription Box- There are so many great subscription boxes out there right now. What is better than getting gifts ALL YEAR? Each month when your fav gets their box of goodies, they will remember how much you love and appreciate them. The element of surprise along with some great products they wouldn't get themselves can really keep them feeling the love. Plus, it's a great last minute buy. The only thing you have to decide is which one to choose, and don't worry, they have them for your girls and your guys!

2. Self-Care - Is your Valentine or Galentine the one that's always taking care of everyone else? Chances are, if they are, they are probably seriously neglecting themselves. Valentine's Day is the BEST time to remind them they deserve a little pampering too! This one will take a little thought about what self-care experience may fit just right for them. Is a massage something that they would love, but wouldn't do for themselves? A spa day may be just what they need. Want to include yourself in the experience? A couple's massage is always an option. Get something on the books today!

3. Blue Light Glasses - Because you love their eyes 😍! What better way to remind someone that you LOVE their eyes than a pair of fashionable Blue Light Glasses? With so much screen time dominating the lives, of, well...everyone, the effects of overexposure to blue light is common. Decreasing blue light exposure can help with eye strain, headaches, and sleepless nights. They even come in prescription! Every time they reach for their glasses they will remember that you love their eyes and care about their health. Now, that's a great gift!

What really matters....

Holidays have a way of putting pressure on us to get the perfect gift, or create the perfect experience. Just remember that honoring the person you love and care about is the most important part of days like these.

Don't discount the personal touches like hand-written notes, and expressions of specific reasons why they are your fav Valentine or Galentine. A little goes a LONG way!


We ❤️ love you, Klassy Girls!

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