Blue Light Exposure: Facts NOT Fad

The effects of too much screen time and exposure to blue light are hot topics right now, and we know that hot topics can tend to feel more like fads than facts, but this is not the case for blue light exposure. In fact, you may have heard about Computer Vision Syndrome, which has been identified as the result of digital eye strain that can be caused by long hours spent on our phones, computers, and e-readers.

Research has proven that too much blue light exposure can have a real impact, not only on your eyes, but also on your overall health. So, before you dismiss the need for blue light filters and blue light glasses as just a passing fad, answer the questions below. You may be feeling the effects.

1. Do you spend extended amounts of time on your digital devices?

While “extended amounts” may mean different things to different people, if you are spending even 2 consecutive hours on your phone, computer, or other devices, you risk digital eye strain and increased blue light exposure. (Yes, that’s 2 hours in ONE day!)

2. Do you have symptoms of eye strain or fatigue such as difficulty focusing, blurry vision, dry eyes, neck pain, or headaches after device use?

These are just a few signs the time you are spending on your phone, computer, or other devices are taking their toll on your biggest asset, your health.

3. Do you have trouble sleeping?

One of the most intrusive effects of blue light exposure from your devices is the effect on your sleep. Over exposure to blue light reduces melatonin levels, the sleep hormone, and can throw your circadian rhythms off, the rhythms that regulate your sleep/wake cycle. Is it all making sense now?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should be protecting your eyes and your health by reducing digital eye strain. Some ways you can do this is by taking regular breaks, making sure your computer is at the optimal distance and level, reducing glare, adjusting lighting, and investing in some quality blue light blocking glasses.





The Klassy Network founder, Natalie Rogers, knows firsthand, the effects of too much blue light exposure. Suffering headaches and lack of sleep after long hours of building her business, she decided to try blue light blocking glasses.

She was amazed at what a difference they made in how she felt after long days on her laptop. Inspired to help others, she started her own line of custom-designed blue light blocking glasses.

She is the first say that blue light blocking glasses can make a huge difference.

Still not sure? Fact or Fad? Let the ladies of the Klassy Network answer that for you.

I LOVE these glasses! I work at home on my phone and computer and have had huge headaches for as long as I can remember. I’ve been wearing these glasses for a couple weeks and my headaches are pretty much nonexistent!
- Melissa L.

Absolutely obsessed with my blue blockers! Not only are they blocking the harmful blue light from my eyes but they are literally the cutest glasses ever!! Highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone.
- Ariel L.

I absolutely love my glasses! I work on the computer a lot and was getting headaches. I decided to get these and they have made a huge difference! No more headaches and my eyes don’t get tired! They are great quality and adorable! You won’t be sorry!
- Shelby K.

As an MRI tech, my job consists of staring at a computer screen for most of the day. I used to go to bed with a headache and then I wouldn’t even be able to sleep.
I had multiple eye doctor visits, thinking I needed some readers only for them to tell me my vision was completely fine.
Then I learned about blue light. I didn’t need readers, I needed blue blockers. So I jumped on and bought my fave ones from Klassy Network. My eyes don’t hurt from staring at MRI scans all day anymore!

Lottie B.

Klassy Network founder and entrepreneur, Natalie Rogers says,

"You don't have to sacrifice screen time, you just have to protect your eyes. Doing it in style is a choice!"

Natalie Rogers, Founder of Klassy Network


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