Blue Light and Sleep: The Secret Link

Been losing sleep? It may be all that screen time.

Most people know by now that overexposure to blue light from digital screens can strain your eyes, but many people still don’t know that overexposure to blue light, especially in the evening, can interfere with your sleep too!

Why? Because blue light from screens can actually make your brain think it’s daytime and alter your circadian rhythm, or sleep cycles. It can also stop the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle keeping you awake when your body should be preparing to sleep. You’ve felt it right?

At this point, you should be having an “aha” moment and may even be realizing that this may be why working late at night makes it very difficult to go to sleep once you walk away or put your device down. We blame it on our busy minds when in actuality our screen use has triggered our brain to believe it must be daytime and signaled us to be alert. Our body is doing what we are telling it (or, letting our screens tell it) to do.

Unfortunately, the effects don't stop there. Lack of sleep contributes to many other health issues and though we sometimes forget this, sleep is one of the key factors to health!

We know many of you can’t walk completely away from screens hours before bedtime, but what you can do is use this knowledge to get your body back in the groove of sleeping and waking normally.

Studies show that blue light glasses when used in the evening can actually help produce melatonin as if you were in a dimly lit room! So, what should you do?

Invest in some quality Blue Light SLEEP glasses, you’ve seen them….the dark orange tint gives them away. The tint gets darker as the protection gets stronger! Our sleep glasses block 99% of the blue light to make sure that your body knows that it’s ok to produce melatonin and cycle toward sleep in the evening. We’ve taken a couple of our most popular styles and added “sleep lenses” to them.  

We have a LIMITED RUN of our new Sleep Styles available now. If you know your “workday” doesn’t end at 5, or you stay on screens into the evening hours, grab a pair of these now before they're gone!



Dream of getting better sleep and still get things done? Get your sleep glasses today.


Want a stylish option in sleep glasses? Play in Clear is your best option!

Already have some blue light styles? Make sure you aren’t taking them off if you’re still on digital devices late into the evening (yes, that means Netflix on your phone or ipad, too!) We know many people get our glasses and wear them faithfully during the day at work (we get the selfies 🙂, but what about when you stop working? If you aren’t walking away from screens, keep those glasses ON, girl!

If more time in your blue light glasses means you need a few more styles, don’t worry, we’ve got some new styles and colors you’ll LOVE! Check out our new colors in some of our most popular styles.

BOSSY Mixed Tortie

One of our most popular styles. BOSSY is now available in Mixed Tortie!

We don’t just sell blue light glasses, we wear them too! If you want to check out our founder’s personal blue light story, and why we’re so passionate about offering them to our customers, read about it here!

In the meantime, get your SLEEP ON!


The Klassy Team

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