3 Tips for the Best "STAYcation" EVER!

You don’t need a destination, just some inspiration!

So, nothing is booked on your vacation calendar and it’s ummm…..JULY already? Don’t worry, you have options. There was a time when taking time off meant packing the car and hitting the road, or getting that flight booked and forgetting home for a blissful week of escape. However, some of us have demands on our time, or have invested every extra dollar in our new venture, and have decided to bypass that destination vacation this year.

We get it! Been there. Done that.

So, we thought you may need a reminder, or just a little nudge of inspiration, to take time for that “getaway you desperately need (you know you do) while not having to venture from home.

First, you probably are in one of these 3 Categories (yes, there are staycation categories)....

1. You’ve heard the term, maybe you even think it is clever, but you’ve NEVER
considered a STAYcation.

2.You’ve tried it and ended up cleaning or working the whole time (this is where you vowed to never do it again).


3. You did it, you rocked it, you’ll do it again.

No matter which one you fall into, these tips will give you inspiration to give up the destination and still have an amazing ESCAPE before the end of summer!


Staycation Tip #1 - Clean before your staycation, or, if budget allows, hire a cleaning service and get your place sparkling

One of the best parts of being on vacation is walking into that spotless, feels like nobody’s ever been there, hotel room, or rental, right? So, take a moment before your time off to really do some deep cleaning, or have your place cleaned professionally, so that when you are on your staycation, you aren’t looking at everything that needs to be done.


Staycation Tip #2 - Plan, or plan not to plan…...but that’s still a plan. (Say that 3 times fast)

Whether you are an itinerary-maker, or a go-with-the-flow vacation type, you still have to plan some aspects of your time away.

Here are some ideas to keep your planning on track:

  • Consider a theme for your staycation (Spa, movies, yoga/fitness retreat, etc.) and build your days, meals, and atmosphere around your theme. Have fun with it!
  • Put it on the calendar and let people know. If you honor it, others will too.
  • Decide if you are going to explore your city and plan activities, or stay close to home.
  • Set a budget - yes, set a budget. You’d be surprised how much you can spend from your couch!
  • Do your research/shopping in advance!

Whether you are an itinerary-maker, or a go-with-the-flow vacation type, you still have to plan some aspects of your time away.


Staycation Tip #3 - Change Your Routine

We are creatures of habit. If you keep your daily alarm on, take the same route when you walk the dog, leave your work laptop open on the table (calling to you), you will be more apt to fall into the trap of doing what you normally do. That’s not an escape! So, make sure when you are planning, you plan to shake up your daily routine. Put that phone on airplane mode and find a new coffee shop to go to!

VIP Tip: BOOST Your STAYcation to another level. If you just can’t travel too far from home, but can stretch your budget, consider going all out:

  • Stay in a hotel/spa in your area and take advantage of being pampered.
  • Rent your dream car and drive it for a week. Why not?
  • Go on a shopping spree and really take your time. No need to rush, you’re on staycation, remember?
  • Book dinner/brunch at a restaurant you wouldn’t normally frequent and invite your closest friends…...just because you can!

Are you inspired yet?

Well, we are, and we want to be part of your FIRST or BEST ever STAYcation!

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