KN Discloses The 5 Essential Discoveries On the Journey to Finding YOU!

It wasn’t long ago that KN founder, Natalie Rogers, took the first steps in her own Just Be YOU story. After years of shrinking into the background, keeping quiet, and questioning her decisions based on everyone else’s opinions, she finally realized that if she was ever going to be free and have true success in her life, she would have to find herself first….and she did.

Along the way, she discovered 5 things that helped her ultimately find herself. When asked about living a more authentic life, they are the things she believes everyone should find on the journey to finding themselves.

“I might not have realized it while it was happening, but now, when I am asked to tell my founder’s story for my businesses, or how I got here, these are the 5 things that always come up in some way. I want to share them so that people going through what I went through can be aware of these things, recognize the process, and just enjoy the journey,” says Natalie.

“People get confused about what passion really means,” adds Natalie, “it isn’t just about loving or enjoying something, it is about caring about something so much that you are willing to put a lot of energy into it. It’s about being willing to do the work.”

Finding yourself and finding your passion go hand in hand. If you are seeking authenticity, then passion is a must. What makes you tick? What gets you excited? What are you willing to work in, and work for? You may already know the answer, and it may be time to pursue it.

Finding your voice is about speaking up and speaking out, but don’t get that confused with saying whatever, whenever. It is still about discernment and knowing when to voice your opinions and decisions. The goal is to avoid allowing others to lead the way when you KNOW you need to add to the conversation, or even lead it yourself. This applies to both your business and personal life.

Sometimes people are very outspoken in their personal life, but not in their business or career. This may be a confidence issue, or a lack of knowledge issue. You aren’t expected to know everything. Speaking out includes questions. If you don’t know, part of finding your voice, is also asking the questions that help you better understand. To effectively communicate, you have to have the knowledge you need.

“Once I found my voice, I realized the way people treated me changed immediately,” explains Natalie. “It opened my mind to how much control I DO have of how I am perceived and treated in business and life in general.”


This one is SO important! Who are you surrounding yourself with? There is so much research that supports this idea, but you probably don’t even need to read it. It is a fundamental truth. Think back through your life and experiences and how impactful your associations have been. Did you have a bad stint in high school with the “who cares about school” crew? Did you join a team that pushed you to be better? If you are working hard to find your authentic self, and enjoy the kind of success that will last, you have to take a moment to examine the people that are around you and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the people you surround yourself with inspire and support you?
  • Can you talk to them about the struggles you have and get good, positive, actionable advice?
  • Are you “carrying” any of your friends/associates, or getting bogged down by their lack of motivation, negative mindset, or point of view?

Based on the answers to these questions, you may want to take an inventory of the groups you frequent, and see what you can do about adding people that motivate, inspire, and support you.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one helping others out, but balance is the key here!

Natalie agrees. “When I found my true tribe of like-minded women, I felt like I was finally where I belonged. That’s why finding your passion is so important. When you find your passion, you usually find your people. I know I did!”

Finding purpose may sound like a played out cliché, but it isn’t. Your purpose is what drives you. It keeps you going and growing. It helps to determine your goals (what you aim to achieve), and it keeps you pushing toward achieving them. The proverbial “wind beneath your wings”. If you find your passion, your voice, and your people, you will eventually find your purpose. It is just part of the process.

Natalie reveals, “This took a lot longer than I expected. People used to ask me what my purpose was in my business, and I struggled with that answer until I was able to identify my true passion, and express why I was doing what I was doing. I sell stylish blue light blocking glasses to solve a problem for my customers that I faced, but my messaging is all about changing how women ‘see’ themselves. It became so clear to me.”

#5 YOU
If you take time to reflect, and stay as aware as possible along the way, it will be easy to find the true, REAL, raw, unapologetic, YOU, and it IS a journey, not a destination. That is TRUTH.

“I am still discovering things about myself as I grow my business, have new experiences, and meet new people, but I am dedicated to keeping it real with myself and all of you. It is why we started the Just Be YOU Movement. We want to be part of the journey with you,” Natalie adds.

If you have found something that has impacted your own self-discovery, drop us a comment. We would love to share it with our Klassy Network of women, and celebrate together what we are all learning along the way!

Already wondering what to do if your passion changes? We’ve got you covered in the next post.

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