2 TRUTHS and the LIE About Emotion and Business

Have you ever had anyone tell you, “it’s not personal, it’s just business”?

Chances are, whoever said this to you had just crossed the line, or was about to…..and based on the premise that business has no room for emotion, you were either shamed into silence, or shamed for speaking up about your feelings.

Don’t worry, most business women have been there at some point because we are notoriously considered more emotional than men (ummm….no comment), and the minute we speak our mind, or express how we feel about something, suddenly we are bringing too much emotion into business.

We know you Klassy ladies aren’t afraid of a little truth, so we decided to find out just where emotions fit when it comes to business. This is what we found:

Truth #1: Emotions and Business CAN exist together (no shame necessary).

Though feelings are often placed beneath thought on the value scale, the truth is, that thought (logic/mind) and emotion (feeling/heart/gut), are inextricably linked and really shouldn’t be separated. Both emotion and facts are part of the evaluation, judgment, and decision-making process necessary in business, and life, EVERY DAMN DAY!

Not to mention that emotional states directly impact productivity and desire, two key factors in building a business, or being part of a successful team.

Truth #2: Positive or Negative Emotions Determine Your Outcomes

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth stating... the bottom line is that your bottom line is impacted by emotions. If you, as a business owner/employee, FEEL positive about a decision, initiative, or team member, the energy will spread and cultivate positive outcomes.

On the flip side, if negative emotions take hold, they will drain you and leave you and your team unmotivated...also, hitting your bottom line in a BIG way.


THE LIE: Emotion and business don’t mix.

It just isn’t feasible to isolate one or the other, and even if you could, we don’t think you should. Emotions such as passion, well-being, and satisfaction lead to “broadening” behaviors that inspire curiosity and creativity in our work, which ultimately lead to more fulfillment.

Success is just a bonus!

However, this is NOT a green light for an emotional free for all. Like anything else, balance is key.

Keep in mind:

  • Emotions should be balanced and evaluated (the goal is recognizing not reacting).
  • Consider your emotions a piece of information that should be considered.
  • Work to resolve negative emotions and pay attention to what fosters positive ones.

Klassy Network founder, Natalie Rogers, has faced a range of emotions since starting her first business at 18 years old.

“I’ve learned that emotion is important in business. It is definitely a factor in my big decisions, but it took time to figure out a healthy balance. I’ve walked both ends of the spectrum, from super ‘passionate’ to ‘no feelings, just facts’. I’m at a place now where if it doesn’t “feel” right, I give myself some space to evaluate and decide how to use that information.”

She wishes more women would “go with their gut” and take action. That’s how her first product for the the Klassy Network came to life. Blue light blocking glasses saved me from headaches and lack of sleep from increased screen time while running my first business. When I was deciding on a product, it just felt right.”


Look how these Klassy ladies FEEL about our blue light blocking glasses:

I LOVE these glasses! I work at home on my phone and computer and have had huge headaches for as long as I can remember. I’ve been wearing these glasses for a couple weeks and my headaches are pretty much nonexistent!
- Melissa L.

Absolutely obsessed with my blue blockers! Not only are they blocking the harmful blue light from my eyes but they are literally the cutest glasses ever!! Highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone.
- Ariel L.

I absolutely love my glasses! I work on the computer a lot and was getting headaches. I decided to get these and they have made a huge difference! No more headaches and my eyes don’t get tired! They are great quality and adorable! You won’t be sorry!
- Shelby K.

As an MRI tech, my job consists of staring at a computer screen for most of the day. I used to go to bed with a headache and then I wouldn’t even be able to sleep.
I had multiple eye doctor visits, thinking I needed some readers only for them to tell me my vision was completely fine.
Then I learned about blue light. I didn’t need readers, I needed blue blockers. So I jumped on and bought my fave ones from Klassy Network. My eyes don’t hurt from staring at MRI scans all day anymore!

Lottie B.

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