Founder, Natalie Rogers, started Klassy Network after her own struggle with the side effects of blue light. As an entrepreneur, she saw an opportunity to fill a need for stylish, quality blue light glasses. Bringing fashion and function together, she set out to not only help women with eye strain and lack of sleep from blue light exposure, but also to make the women who wear them feel confident and beautiful. This meant designing frames and picking color options that would fit her customers’ individual style. Through this process, she discovered the true root of her business…..people. 

She started receiving pictures from women all around the world wearing Klassy Network glasses and feeling fabulous in them! The pictures were from entrepreneurs, fitness coaches, stay at home moms, students, nurses, and more. As KN grew, designing frame styles and colors took on a life of its own and became more about personalities and diversity, voice and acceptance, while the smiling, confident faces from customers became the inspiration and mission. 

We provide quality blue light glasses along with other products that are fashionable and an expression of our customers’ unique style along with a message that being YOU is the most important thing you can do. 

From the name of our frames to the content we share, we want to empower women to Just be YOU!