Welcome to the Klassy Network!

Any ladies out there who love the daily grind, love to talk business, goal setting, and are ready to risk it all to realize your dreams? Have you ever found it difficult to find a group of women who have the same mindset? This is why The Klassy Network was started.

What it means to be Klassy is to help, support and motivate other ambitious women while on their journey to reach their goals. Building an empire is not easy and being an woman with ambition and drive can get very lonely… but guess what? You are NOT ALONE. There are millions of us out there, sitting on the other side of a computer just wishing we had a group of females to connect with. Join the Klassy Network today - search "The Klassy Network" on Facebook to join our free community!

The Klassy Shop

Our products help ambitious women feel motivated and empowered by offering stylish products that they will want to wear everyday while pursuing their goals.

Each product has an ambitious name made to empower our customers to rock our stylish products with confidence. Every piece in our collection has a purpose to send a message to motivate our customers on their journey to reach their goals.

Style, function, quality, and comfort are extremely important to us and are products have it all.

I created Klassy blue light glasses after suffering eye pain and lack of sleep due to the long hours many of us, spend on the computer. Research shows blue light from our computers, phones, and TVs can cause insomnia, migraines, and reduced productivity. This is the LAST thing we want when we are trying to build an empire! These glasses were a game changer for me! The blue light lenses have a filtered technology which reduces and purifies the blue light emitted from your screen. Protect your eyes and look great too with our classic styles. I hope they bring you comfort and confidence!

- Natalie Rogers (Founder)